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Roadmap Q1 2022

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It was an exciting 2021 for us at HoDooi.com, a lot of hard work and dedication from the team and the community allowed us to exceed our expectations over the first year of launching our NFT marketplace and the HOD token. With that being said, we would like to share with you our plans and direction for kickstarting 2022.

Roadmap for HoDooi Q1

Please see below our plans for the first quarter of 2022:

  • V1 withdrawal of NFT’s: we will integrate a withdrawal method onto HoDooi.com in preparation for V2. Users will be able to withdraw their NFT’s to MetaMask, a detailed tutorial will be available for users when this is live.
  • HoDooi.com V2 launch: HoDooi.com V2 will launch bringing new UI/UX, features and accessibility to the platform. Upon launch we will be working on features such as NFT rewards, our Membership Program and NFT gifting. Among these new features.
  • Decentralzied NFT marketplace: V2 will be a fully decentralized eco-system, where users can connect their wallet or login, without the need to deposit cryptocurrency to the platform as is the case with the current HoDooi.com marketplace. We will reveal more about the new platform over the run-up to launch so please stay tuned.
  • Exchange listings: following our HOD token listing on Crypto.com, we are in coversation with other Tier 1 exchanges, some of which are very close to finalisation, we expect another listing in Q1 2022.
  • Team scaling: we will be hiring for various roles throughout Q1, aiming to increase the team across various angles for the HoDooi.com platform.
  • Expansions on current partnerships: we announced some huge partnerships last year and we are excited to continue working with them throughout 2022. SafeMoon will be dropping exclusive NFT’s on HoDooi.com and we have continued exciting plans with Numbers Protocol and MetaGuardians.
  • Further partnerships: we have a range of new and exciting partnerships to come, we cant wait to share with you what we’ve been doing behind the scenes.
  • Marketing campaigns: further marketing campaigns are to come, having recently embarked on a marketing campaign to bring our brand to the global sporting masses, we have an exciting few months a head of ramping up our sports marketing campaign to get HoDooi.com and $HOD exposed to the world.
  • Competitions for launch – We have some exciting competitions coming with the launch of HoDooi V2 for your chance to win exclusive prizes please stay tuned and keep an eye on our socials

There is plenty to be excited about going into 2022 with HoDooi.com, we hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

Speaking on what’s to come in 2022, Bryson Warsap Co-Founder and COO said:

“We cannot wait to show the #HODArmy V2 of the HoDooi.com NFT marketplace, the team have been working hard to get this ready for you all. Our marketing team have been working endlessly to bring exposure to the platform and token, there are many campaigns in the pipeline for Q1 alone, so please stay tuned in our Telegram and Discord to be the first to know about them!”

About HoDooi.com

HoDooi.com is the multi-chain marketplace to Create, Buy, Sell & Resell NFTs in a decentralized permissionless environment initially launching on the Binance Smart Chain.

Our offering is supported by the HOD token, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. HOD can be used for Payments, joining the platform’s tiered Membership Program, Staking Rewards, access to exclusive NFTs.

Recently on HoDooi.com…

We are currently working on a multi-million-pound sports marketing campaign to bring the HoDooi.com platform and $HOD token to the masses. We worked with the football club Galatasaray S.K., one of the biggest football clubs in Turkey, based in Istanbul.

HoDooi.com has also scheduled a campaign for the Turkey Super Cup Final, taking place at the Ahmet Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar on Wednesday 5th January 2021, with the match-up being Besiktas vs. Antalyaspor. We have scheduled a campaign to gain exposure to the $HOD token and HoDooi.com platform, with a forecasted 15,000,000 people expected to see the campaign, bringing huge exposure to the token and to the platform.

Website — hodooi.com

Twitter — twitter.com/hodooi

Telegram — t.me/hodooi

Announcements — https://t.me/hodooiann

Instagram — instagram/hodooicom

Facebook — facebook.com/Hodooi

HoDooi.com Multi-chain NFT Marketplace | Create, Buy, Sell and Re-sell NFTs | $HOD available on Crypto.com

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