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NFT Creator Insight Series 5 – Good Morning Crypto

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This comes as the fourth series in our NFT Creator Insight collection, aiming to introduce artists from the HoDooi.com platform, this week featuring the highly talentedGood Morning Crypto.

Good Morning Crypto NFT Creator Insight Series 5

Here is a small insight into Good Morning Crypto thoughts on the NFT space, his inspirations and what he thinks of HoDooi.com.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

“Hi – My name is Dustyn Payette – Oil Painter – Comic Artist – Musician and NFT creator, also known as Good Morning Crypto on the HoDooi.com NFT marketplace!”

When did you start creating NFTs?

“November – I’ve had a lot of digital art and work over the years but I saw the popularity of the NFT market just explode. The NFT market was already bigger than the entire art market so I became inspired to transition a good portion of my art to NFTs. I haven’t looked back at all since then.”

What’s the process behind creating your NFTs? 

“I work almost entirely in Clip Studio Art.

In my process, I usually start with a simple idea. Crypto Pizzas, Crypto Penguins, Wizards, GI LAMBO and Barr Borrs are things I thought are easily accessible to collectors but also really fun. From there we start building templates that we can create as many variations as possible. With Crypto Pizzas it was an easy thing to just change toppings on pizza but with a crypto theme. I started with that idea because I’ve also been making Pizza in New York for over 20 years. Art imitates life.

With the GI LAMBO series, I actually did a lot of actual drawing by hand. When you work so well in digital it can almost be an afterthought, but what’s so great with NFTs is there are just NO limitations on what counts as a good NFT or not right now. So I’ve tried to incorporate all my art skills in various ways among several series.”

Where did you get your inspiration for your latest collection?

WIZARDS is my latest series that we launched this month. I found inspiration from Vintage Black Light Posters from the ’70s and ’80s. I felt the Neon colour schemes and straight black backgrounds would be something different in the marketplace, and, I think they are.

I’ve had a lot of good feedback on them. They are so unique and collectable because of that. I find a lot of NFT series can have so many mints that look so similar it can be hard to spot the differences. With Wizards, I don’t think that’s the case. Although many materials are reused over 100 WIZARDS they are very unique looking and I think anyone can find that perfect WIZARD that’s as unique as themselves.”

Have any other NFT artists inspired some of your collections? If so whose?

“I think the early series CRYPTO PUNKS had me interested right away in NFTs. It was really about trying to learn about how to get into the NFT world and deal with crypto in general which held me back even for a little while. I was still just working heavily in traditional art.

There was a learning curve. I have found friendship and inspiration from so many HoDooi.com artists too. It’s crazy. Fomo Kids I am all about. And Animal Kingdom – I love how they have their art-themed out. I’m thinking of like 10 other creators right now I’ve already collected from too but I don’t want to ramble. 

For anyone out there … the HoDooi.com market is a secret ocean of NFT art. All the artists are amazing.”

What made you drop your collection on HoDooi V2?

“I was exploring OpenSea early on. But one of the battles early was the really high gas fees with minting on ETH, and if you were new to crypto it was kinda risky to just start posting some art without a huge series and promotion to pump it with.

OpenSea now also has free minting on the Polygon chain. But free minting I find can leave your mint valueless. On HoDooi.com though, the minting is BNB based which is cheaper and it doesn’t leave your NFT completely hollow of any value. Minting I think can be around 30 cents or so for me in BNB and that’s easy to work with. Especially with how well things sell on HoDooi.com. After that initial barrier broke, I got more and more into what HoDooi.com was doing with its platform. It was easy to use. Easy to sell. Easy to collect and if I had a question or concern, I could send them a message and I was treated almost like someone on the development team.

HoDooi.com treats artists as equals. That is SO RARE in the crypto world.”

How are you finding the updated platform?

“The V2 platform is exciting. It’s just a really fun time to be part of the growing HoDooi.com market and token. Now we have the ability to be paid in Polkadot and USDT as well as in HoDooi.com. It’s really cool getting paid for your art but also you can be investing at the same time.

There are some things I could see HoDooi.com adding to their website. Maybe a top 10 artists section. Or a trending section. Something like that. I really love the auction section too but we could see some more action on the bids. I think it’s easier to just sell the NFTs instead of auction. I really don’t know why though. The mega-deals are on the auctions fam! Let’s go!!!!

As a musician, I would like to see MP3s and WAVE files be something that I could mint. I don’t think enough has been done in general for Musicians and Songwriters with NFTs and I see incredible potential there.”

Have you got anything else on the cards regarding your next collection? Could you maybe give us some more information on that

“Of course! Good Morning Crypto is always working non-stop.

We have announced very soon a new CRYPTO PENGUINS series but this time we are going 3D. It’ll be called Crypto Penguins 3D and this will be our 3rd series of penguins we’ve sold out almost entirely in both prior penguin series, so collectors should be on the lookout for that. Until then we have about 50 more WIZARDS to be released magically so… keep on the lookout for those as well.

Please subscribe to my art youtube channel and Instagram, links on the Good Morning Crypto profile. Thank you so much HoDooi.com, buy the dip!”

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