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Memorabilia Week is LIVE

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Our Memorabilia week is LIVE, with some of the biggest names in sports and music history to bring NFTs to the marketplace alongside never before seen photographs of Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 reenvisioned as NFT collectible cards and a collectible Muhammad Ali fist sculpture which will come with a bronze physical piece. With each Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 NFT coming with a unique print of the never before seen content taken by famous iconic photographer Rod Dyer.

The week shall also bring Billy Idol and Iron Maiden into the NFT space, allowing the NFT community to have the opportunity in owning unique assets dedicated to the careers of the artists.

Memorabilia Week is LIVE

Memorabilia Week Schedule

  • Monday: Muhammad Ali “Ali Fists” will kickstart the week, the “Ali Fists” NFT was created through a partnership with a famed Art collector who owns the exclusive rights to the mold of Muhammed Ali’s fists. This is the first and ONLY NFT rendered from the original mold of the “Peoples Champion” fists. A truly unique piece making history into the digital realm. Be the first to own this piece of history! 
  • Tuesday: Jackson 5 Card Collectibles, never before seen photographs of the Jackson 5 to be showcased on HoDooi.com, two photographs merged into one unique NFT. With 25 copies available to the HoDooi.com NFT community being listed as a Buy It Now!
  • Wednesday: Michael Jackson one-of-one NFT card, similar to the Jackson 5 NFT, will be never before seen photographs of a young MJ, with photographs dating back to 1973. The King of Pop NFT will be available from Wednesday for the community and shall be auctioned with only one available.
  • Thursday: Billy Idol NFT collection.
  • Friday: Iron Maiden NFT collection.

How to buy the Memorabilia Week NFTs?

TopCollectibles will be the user to sell NFTs from Muhammad Ali, Jackson 5, and Michael Jackson. You can find their profile here, Top Collectibles.

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HoDooi.com Multi-chain NFT Marketplace | Create, Buy, Sell and Re-sell NFTs | $HOD available on Crypto.com

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