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Jamie Twyman to list ‘THE ANCIENTS’ NFT collection exclusively on HoDooi.com

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Jamie Twyman to release his highly anticipated NFT collection, “T H E A N C I E N T”, on HoDooi.com, one of his most viral and well-known collections to date.

The NFT drop will include four one-of-one NFTs, with one NFT released every week starting from Tuesday 21st September. The schedule for the NFTs are as follows:

  • NEPHELE” dropping on Tuesday 21st September
  • SEVEN SERAPHS” dropping on Wednesday 29th September
  • GUARDIANS GATE” dropping on Tuesday 5th October
  • ARCADIA” dropping on Wednesday 13th October

Speaking on the NFT drop Jamie Twyman said, “This collection has been a long time in the making, and consists of some of my personal favorite pieces to have created. The Ancients are a collection of faceless Goddesses, deities, and higher beings. Their domain is the border of life and death, time and space, realm and reality. Colossal titans, they hold all memory and guild new futures”.

This is the second drop following the announcement of HoDooi.com and The NFT Agency‘s partnership, to read more about the partnership Click Here.

Speaking about the exclusive NFT release on HoDooi.com, Jesse Galati COO from The NFT Agency said: “Jamie is such a brilliant artist who achieved incredible success with NFTs early on. He took some time away for a bit and during that time we discussed what a potential return to the NFT space could like. For me and the entire agency his work is truly one of a kind and it was very important to us his return to the NFT space was done the right way. With that in mind it became an easy decision that HoDooi was without a doubt the right NFT marketplace for “The Anicents” NFT collection by Jamie”

So NFT community, the wait is over, only a few days to go until the release of Jamie Twyman’s first NFT of the four to be released on HoDooi.com!

You can check out his profile on HoDooi.com where the NFTs shall be available from Tuesday here – Jamie Twyman.

HoDooi.com Multi-chain NFT Marketplace | Create, Buy, Sell and Re-sell NFTs | $HOD available on Crypto.com

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