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HoDooi.com to launch HOD token on DuckSTARTER and Ignition powered by PAID on the 14th of June

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HoDooi.com today announces the two platforms for its Initial Dex Offering (IDO), DuckSTARTER and Ignition powered by PAID.

HoDooi.com can confirm our native cryptocurrency, the HOD token will be available from Monday 14th June.

Public Sale Details

DuckSTARTER (DuckDAO) IDO information as follows:

Whitelist Start: June 07, 2021
Whitelist Close: June 12, 2021
IDO on DuckSTARTER: June 14, 2021

CHAIN: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Ignition powered by PAID (PAID Network) IDO information as follows:

Whitelist Start: June 05, 2021
Whitelist Close: June 08, 2021
IDO on Ignition: June 14, 2021

CHAIN: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Pancake Swap DEX listing

Following the IDO, HOD tokens will be listed on Pancake Swap. We recommend to our community who are not current users of DuckSTARTER or Ignition powered by PAID to join us when the Pancake Swap listing goes live.

Pancake Listing: June 14, 2021
Time: TBC

The HOD Token

The HOD token represents the center of the HoDooi.com ecosystem and will provide benefits for users and holders alike, including cheap fees, a direct form of payment, and a transaction medium for those users in the membership program. Moreover, HOD tokens will be awarded to users for staking on the Membership Program and will be the primary asset used in platform competitions and referral programs. HOD will be governed by smart contract and Web 3.0 technology to maintain transparency and provide trust.


About HoDooi.com

HoDooi.com has been carefully designed and engineered to allow its users to create, buy and sell NFTs in a decentralized permissionless environment based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The HoDooi.com platform is not limited to the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to create a multi-chain platform that will be fulfilled by incorporating Binance Smart Chain and other compatible blockchains as the platform grows.

Our offering is supported by the HOD token, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. HOD can be used for Payments, joining the platform’s tiered Membership Program, Staking Rewards, access to exclusive NFTs, and decentralized governance.

“HoDooi.com’s vision is aligned with the agnostic approach of the industry leaders within the blockchain ecosystem. Incorporating the fundamentals of the decentralized technology with providing interoperability, fast execution, and layer 2 solutions within its development roadmaps.”

Recently on HoDooi.com…

HoDooi.com will debut heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury’s NFT collection as it bids to become the go-to-market to buy, sell, trade, and bid on NFTs, all while delivering a knockout blow to competing platforms.

The announcement of two strong partnerships was released in recent days, with Gold Star Promotions, a world-leading promotional organization, and Plogix Art Group, a community of highly established global artists.

Website — hodooi.com

Twitter — twitter.com/hodooicom

Instagram — instagram/hodooicom

Facebook — facebook.com/Hodooi

Telegram — t.me/hodooi

HoDooi.com Multi-chain NFT Marketplace | Create, Buy, Sell and Re-sell NFTs | $HOD available on Crypto.com

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