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HoDooi.com partners with Black Eye Galaxy

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We are happy to announce our partnership with Black Eye Galaxy, the platform which will hold the future of gaming.

Black Eye Galaxy is a play to earn intergalactic space odyssey. Players can buy planets and starships in the form of NFTs and can travel solar systems and cross Galaxies. A virtual reality gameplay experience and complete economic ecosystem is our mission, the latest partnership welcomes HoDooi.com into the space odyssey of virtual reality gameplay.

Speaking on the partnership, Black Eye Galaxy CEO said: “As a CEO of Black Eye Galaxy I am really excited to partner with HoDooi.com marketplace. This is one of the most promising multi-chain NFT marketplaces I know. For us, that is really beneficial because Black Eye Galaxy is a  cross-chain NFT metaverse. I am looking forward to a deep and productive partnership!”

HoDooi.com’s strategy to bring the two platforms together shall allow multiple opportunities for cross-community campaigns. Users, community members, and token holders for $HOD and $BYG will soon be able to take part in competitions, exclusive online campaigns, and will be some of the first to see how HoDooi.com shall soon be entering the Black Eye Galaxy ecosystem with its own range of starships.

Speaking on the partnership, Bryson Warsap COO of HoDooi.com said: “We are excited to be partnering with Black Eye Galaxy, a well-known platform within the virtual reality gaming space with an active and established community.”

HoDooi Multi-chain NFT Marketplace - https://hodooi.com

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