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HoDooi.com begins rollout of multi-million dollar sport marketing campaigns

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We are happy to announce to the #HODArmy that on Christmas Day, 25th December 2021, we began by bringing HoDooi.com and $HOD into the mainstream sporting world with two great campaigns involving the Turkish Football League.

HoDooi.com begins multi-million dollar sport marketing campaigns | $HOD

To roll out our marketing campaign, we worked with the football club Galatasaray S.K., one of the biggest football clubs in Turkey, based in Istanbul. Turkey is an extremely important market for crypto brands, especially given the current rate of inflation that recently lead BTC to hit an all-time high against the Turkish Lira, a key reason for HoDooi.com beginning our marketing campaign in Turkey.

HoDooi.com has also scheduled a campaign for the Turkey Super Cup Final, taking place at the Ahmet Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar on Wednesday 5th January 2021, with the match-up being Besiktas vs. Antalyaspor. We have scheduled a campaign to gain exposure to the $HOD token and HoDooi.com platform, with a forecasted 15,000,000 people expected to see the campaign, bringing huge exposure to the token and to the platform.

These first two campaigns have heavily targeted the Turkish community, aiming to increase our presence within the country. This is the first of many countries we will be exposing the HoDooi.com platform and $HOD token into.

So, what was the first campaign?

HoDooi.com worked closely with Captial Sports Media andGalatasaray S.K. over recent weeks to plan the best approach, bringing HoDooi.com and $HOD to the Turkish people in the most efficient way possible, getting both the platform and token onto the LED screens at the side of the football pitch during theGalatasaray S.K. vs. Antalyaspor match. The screens displayed “$HOD SIMDI TURKIYE’DE” meaning “$HOD now available in Turkey“, whilst showcasing the HoDooi.com logo after this, please see the photos below for live examples during the game.

Speaking on the marketing campaign, HoDooi.com CEO Matt Luczynski said “It’s great to see our plan coming together, our marketing team have been working hard in recent months to plan a full marketing campaign for $HOD to enter the mainstream world, and what a better club to start with thanGalatasaray S.K. This is just the beginning.”

Working closely with the Turkish Süper Lig is just the beginning, HoDooi.com will be partnering and working with various football leagues across Europe, America, and Asia throughout 2022 to bring a key and consistent engagement with fans and viewers.

Bryson Warsap COO of HoDooi.com said, “We can’t wait to show the #HODArmy what we have in-store with this long-term marketing campaign, kicking off with our Galatasary S.K. campaign and then straight into working on one of the biggest football matches of the year in Turkish football, the Turkish Super League final.”

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HoDooi.com Multi-chain NFT Marketplace | Create, Buy, Sell and Re-sell NFTs | $HOD available on Crypto.com

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