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Crypto.com Capital Makes Strategic Investment into HoDooi.com

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HoDooi.com is proud to announce the strategic investment received by Crypto.com Capital, the venture arm of Crypto.com, the world’s fastest-growing crypto platform.

HoDooi.com, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, and Crypto.com Capital today announced the strategic investment into the HoDooi.com Platform. As will all venture investments, Crypto.com Capital’s support extends beyond funding. The Crypto.com Capital team will work closely with HoDooi.com to integrate support for the Crypto.org Chain.

The Crypto.org Chain recently conducted the first major mainnet upgrade which included NFT module support, with more to come in the next few weeks. Support for the Crypto.org Chain by HoDooi.com will expand the options for creators and collectors alike.

Bobby Bao of Crypto.com Capital said: “We were impressed by Matt’s track record at Travala, and jumped at the opportunity to support him in his latest venture. We’ve been actively investing in NFT-oriented businesses and are proud to add HoDooi.com to our portfolio.”

Commenting on the investment, Matt Luczynski, HoDooi.com CEO, said “We have been working on this deal since HoDooi.com was conceptualized. With our progress and now focus on the HOD token and platform release, we are honored to have completed this investment with a long-term vision for disruption within the space”.

Crypto.com Capital x HoDooi.com

About HoDooi.com

HoDooi.com has been carefully designed and engineered to allow its users to create, buy, sell and re-sell NFTs on a user-friendly platform.

The HoDooi.com platform is not limited to the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to create a multi-chain platform that will be fulfilled by incorporating Binance Smart Chain and other compatible blockchains as the platform grows.

Our offering is supported by the HOD token, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. HOD can be used for payments, joining the platform’s tiered Membership Program, staking rewards, and access to exclusive NFTs.

“HoDooi.com’s vision is aligned with the agnostic approach of the industry leaders within the blockchain ecosystem. Incorporating the fundamentals of the decentralized technology with providing interoperability, fast execution, and layer 2 solutions within its development roadmaps.”

About Crypto.com Capital

Find out more at https://crypto.com/capital

Recently on HoDooi.com…

HoDooi.com will debut heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury’s NFT collection as it bids to become the go-to-market to buy, sell, trade, and bid on NFTs, all while delivering a knockout blow to competing platforms.

HoDooi.com has released news on two key partnerships in recent weeks, Gold Star Promotions and Plogix Art Group. These partnerships will play a key role in both bringing high-profile sporting athletes to HoDooi.com and opening the door for mainstream artists to enter the NFT space on a user-friendly platform.

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HoDooi.com Multi-chain NFT Marketplace | Create, Buy, Sell and Re-sell NFTs | $HOD available on Crypto.com

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