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Alberto Ballocca’s first drop titled ‘ABYSS’ on HoDooi.com

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Alberto Balloca releases his eminently sought after collection, ‘ABYSS’. Balloca’s most recent series features both mythological and philosophical themes whilst showcasing mixed media artistry. 

This exclusive collection includes 1/1 of 5 paintings, created with mixed media NFT’ inspired by mythological and environmental themes mixed with a peculiar interest in the maintenance and perception of Earth’s Nature.

The story is divided between 5 paintings linked both on a chromatic and stylistic level. The concept revolves around the word ‘Abyss’. Through artistic, meditative introspection, 

Balloca comes to connect with primordial nature, on Earth. In a very long cycle of inheritance, each of us is birthed first from the Earth and then from our parents. In this article Balloca, takes us through the journey through all five paintings in his own words.


The journey begins firstly through painting one, ‘ABYSS’.  The image depicts the goddess, Hebe, who represents ‘youth’. She is pouring a liquid through my eye which falls across my face and into a jug held by Hercules, the ancient Greek god, who represents ‘strength’. These two mythological figures identify metaphorically the main aspect of the creative spirit ‘young’ and ‘strong’. Whilst water identifies my soul, a demon that flows and descends into the abyss of the Earth through my eye, taking me in close connection with wildest aspects of my persona, and of course also, the source of our being; Nature.

ReefStation 1

The second painting, ‘REEF STATION 1’ depicts that there are no schemes for descending into the depths of ourselves, because the path is subjective, it may be conveyed, but only at the beginning steps. We are in an environment that partly resembles a dream and partly an adolescent memory, pure and vivid font, in an oceanic reef that shines with its own light; a PS1 console anchored on the backdrop. I breathe underwater because I’m observing my childhood memory. An object brings me back, without nostalgia, I feel that I am close to connecting with something that, as a child, I could not have understood. Nature. Fluorescent green mounds rise around the console, they look like strange flowers out of a fantasy movie, floating around algaes, but shortly after, I realize that it is radiation. Something is pointing me directly to the problem of our oceans. They are polluted. And we have to act on a subconscious level if we want to understand it. The connection between us and the Earth exists, in a profound mnemonic meditation.

The journey continues through the third painting through ‘POSEIDON’. It represents our mind being like an abundance of energy, which can connect to the larger river of memories. This will lead us back to connect with the main body of water, the “ocean” which symbolises our life; the world. The god of this ocean is Poseidon; brother of Zeus, one of the twelve gods of Olympus, an ancient mythological figure represented and worshiped since ancient times. 

In my journey into the depths, Poseidon presents himself to me figured with images, lines and colors that my mind generates automatically as the inspiration comes through my brush, and leaves me a prophetic message; his wife, the goddess of the seas Amphitrite, consulted the sorceress Circe who made her throw magical herbs into the sea, telling her that they would solve the problem of pollution but in reality, within minutes they turned her into a monster. Circe disappeared, Amphitrite retired to recover from the curse, while the seas continued to be polluted, and consciousness began to arise.


The metaphor of the meeting between Circe and Amphitrite serves us to understand a fundamental passage linked to the problem of pollution. Awareness. In this painting I have represented a ferocious shark from whose eye a cable that connects to a television (media). The metaphor is soon said; the news is like sharks pouncing on prey
with the only purpose of making more audience and not drastically describing the problem as something that touches everyone of us. Awareness kill the shark, and it must be clear to us that until we have direct experience of something, we can only rely on our imagination and we cannot listen to a news broadcast to understand the environmental problem. Actions are subjective, each of us will have to make a heroic deed in his own
small, but the hardest part will be forgetting the information conveyed.


We cannot live exposed to divine meditation forever. The process is as fast as the process of returning to the material world is slow, in which what one experiences is a manifestation of what a man think. This painting indicate the exit from the abyss, and the entrance into a world, with renewed memories. A GameBoy1, a memory kept by a pillar of an ancient temple, a city immersed in the pixels of a new world that presents itself before us. The artistic research in this painting is conveyed in a completely new, magical energy, which guides me upwards. Each of us knows his own reflection, but the truth is always one for all; be a slow learners when it’s turning down time. Now I am out of the abyss, but every day I learn like I’ve entered a new one.

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